Latourell Falls and Crown Pointe

February 27, 2021

On a recent trip out the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, I stopped at the Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint and was treated to these conditions. I have visited these locations in the past but conditions were not right to capture what I wanted. On this night, because of recent rain, water flow was heavier at Latourell Falls and because of the stormy skies, the conditions over Crown Pointe were spectacular.

Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls
My first visit to the falls was on a dryer day and there was very little water flowing. I waited for a rainy day and made the short hike out to the falls and captured this shot. It is a difficult compositiion due to the shear height of the falls in relation to the foreground.

Latourell Falls is located just off of Historic Columbia River Hwy. Here is a link to the trailhead. Latourell Falls consists of an upper and lower falls. The upper falls are a 1.3 mile loop while the lower falls are only .3 miles. Ironically both falls are similar in formation and both are impressive. The trail to the upper falls is a moderate hike but the scenery is very rewarding. The lower falls are visible from the parking lot and the trail is a easy hike. At the falls you will find a bridge which is a very popular photo spot. I observed my people make their way to the rear of the water fall for a photo behind the falls. While this is a great Instagram picture, you will most certainly be soaked for the effort.

Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint

I stayed in this location for a couple hours waiting for the conditions to be just right. The skies would change from clear to rain to scattered clouds and then to this. I was loving the dark rain filled clouds and then the sun peeked through for just a moment to light up the Vista House at Crown Pointe. I will admit, I was a bit emotional that I was privileged to witness this moment. The moment was breathtaking. It only lasted a moment and I nearly missed it. I shot this with my Nikon D850 and my Sigma 70-200 2.8 Sport Lens (link to my gear list).

One of the things I love about being out in nature is meeting all of the people doing the same. On this night I met a wonderful family of 8 from Austin, Texas who had come to the NW to escape the heat and another traveling group from California which I was privileged to take their group photo. They all were in awe at the scenery and I was a little ashamed. You see, I have lived in the NW for over 20 years and only recently have I taken the time to get out and enjoy the incredible sights available.

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